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2020 Facebook Usage Statistics & Trends

To fully unlock Facebook's potential as a marketing avenue, you need to know a few metrics. Get key Facebook statistics to guide your marketing strategy.

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Since Facebook was launched in 2004, it has evolved and grown into a key marketing channel. Few expected it to become the world’s largest social media platform from what was initially designed to function as – a digitized version of the ‘face books’ for Harvard.

For the general public, Facebook allows users to connect and interact with family and friends no matter the distance, access up to date news and other information. Facebook has 1.73 billion daily users and 2.6 billion monthly users. With billions of users and a global reach, Facebook is now an essential marketing tool for businesses.

This is why over 140 million businesses across the globe use Facebook and its affiliate apps to connect with their customers. To fully unlock the platform’s potential as a marketing avenue, you should understand a few key metrics. Read on to find out key Facebook statistics to guide your Facebook marketing strategy. Be sure to check out the top Instagram statistics from 2020 too!

Statistics on Facebook Usage

As you prepare to leverage Facebook as a marketing platform, you must first understand how frequently it is used, and by whom.

1. There are over 1.73 billion active users daily

Though there are billions of Facebook users, the most important thing is how frequently they use the platform. In the US, 74% of all active users access the site daily. Globally, the number of daily active users stands at 1.73 billion.

2. The Highest Traffic Hours are Midday on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Succeeding in Facebook marketing is about taking note of the minor, yet integral, details. For instance, before launching your click-to-messenger campaign, find at which times your target audience is likely to be active. Data gathered from research on user activity indicates that the times with the most active users on Facebook are between 11 am and 2 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

3. Over 500 Million People Use Facebook Stories Daily

Over the years, the evolution of Facebook has included many new features. One feature that has captured many users’ attention is Facebook Stories, which attract 500 million daily users. Though you will need an approach different from regular posts, creating Facebook stories can significantly increase your brand’s exposure.

Facebook Messenger Statistics

1. There are 1.3 Billion Facebook Messenger Users Globally

Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion global users and is one of the leading messaging platforms in the US with more than 2 million monthly downloads. The platform is expected to grow to 2.4 billion users by 2021. For businesses, it offers an ideal channel to connect with customers and generate sales.

As the number of Facebook Messenger users increases, there will be more marketing opportunities for businesses. To help manage interactions with customers, companies are turning to chatbots. At present, the number of Messenger chatbots exceeds 300,000 and will continue to increase.

2. Businesses and Users Exchange 20 Billion Messages on Messenger Monthly

In 2015, Facebook Messenger for Businesses was launched to allow enterprises to communicate with customers. Today, businesses and users exchange 20 billion messages on Messenger monthly. Messenger has become a goldmine for those who leverage its power with conversational marketing bots built with Spectrm.

3. 45% of Facebook Messenger Users are Between the Ages of 25 and 44

One misconception is that Facebook Messenger is primarily used by the younger generations. However, 2019 statistics show that there is a somewhat equal distribution of users among different age groups. At 27.3 %, users aged between 25 and 35 make the biggest group. They are followed by users between 35 and 44 who make up 21%.

The other groups of ages 45 to 51 and 18 to 24, make up 15.9% and 14.7%, respectively.

With 45% of Messenger users in a prime age range for purchasing, direct to consumer brands can drastically expand their reach with conversational chatbots on Facebook Messenger in order to drive sales and increase ROI.

Demographic Statistics

Facebook has billions of users, so it is crucial that you are able to define your target market in order to reach the correct audience on the platform. It’s also important to know their user habits in order to structure your click-to-messenger marketing campaign in a way that gives you maximum exposure.

1. The Fastest Growing Group of Users is 65 and Older

It is easy to assume that social media is only for the younger generations. However, data suggests otherwise. In recent years, older generations have adopted the use of Facebook at higher rates than others.

As of 2018, the proportion of users born 1945 or earlier, dubbed the ‘silent’ generation, stood at 26%. By the end of 2019, this figure had risen to 40%. During the same period, millennials and baby boomers on Facebook only increased by 2%. Remarkably, there was a reduction of Gen Xers on the platform.

2. Number of Teens Using Facebook has Reduced

Currently, 51% of American teens aged between 13 and 17 are active on Facebook. Compared to 2015 figures, this is a reduction of twenty percent. This means that a higher percentage of users fall within the appropriate age for marketers than ever before.

3. Facebook Users Living in the US or Canada Make up only 10% of Total Users

Close to 50% of the Ad revenues collected by Facebook comes from Canada and the US. However, only 10% of Facebook users live in the US and Canada. Among the monthly active users, approximately 41.3% come from the Asia-Pacific region. As such, Facebook advertising can expand your marketing reach globally.

4. 74% of High-Income Earners Use Facebook

High income earners have higher disposable income to spend on products and services. Marketing on Facebook is an opportunity you cannot pass up if you want to reach them. Data shows that 74% of high-earners, individuals earning over $75,000, use Facebook. In the same income class, only 49% use LinkedIn.

Facebook Ad Statistics

Conversational marketing on Facebook can drive sales directly from the channel and improve marketing ROI. In order to reduce wasted spend, it is important to understand best practices.

1. Only 6% of Facebook Ad Revenue Comes from Desktop

Approximately 94% of Facebook ads were viewed via mobile devices. As such, your content must be as mobile-friendly as possible. It is crucial to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find what they are looking for. Facebook Messenger chatbots can guide users and make product recommendations to convert customers at scale.

2. There Was a 6% Decrease in the Price of Facebook Ads in 2019

The demand for Facebook Ads has been increasing consistently as more businesses realize how effective they are. However, according to Facebook, Facebook Ad costs will continue to reduce. This reduction is fueled by geo-specific auctions and lower costs for story ads.
Click-to-Messenger ads can be less expensive than other Facebook Ad types, which drives higher ROI for brands. Messenger is currently one of the most underpriced acquisition channels on the Facebook ad network. Cost efficiency is even stronger when you factor in the low cost of Sponsored Messages, which allow you to reach people who have already connected with your brand on Messenger.

3. Facebook Messenger Retargeting Messages Have Up to 80% Open Rates & 20% CTRs

Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads are a fantastic way to get new users talking to your Facebook Messenger bot. They appear as normal Ads on Facebook, Instagram and the Messenger home screen. Instead of leading the user to a landing page, a Message is sent from the Ads Manager to the user, which can then result in an interaction with the bot.

Once a customer has interacted with you brand on messenger, you can send personalized retargeting messages to individuals directly in Messenger. A conversational marketing platform like Spectrm enables you to segment your audience based on declared data and automate personalized re-engagement in chat. These messages get up to 80% open rates and 20% CTRs. This is 10x higher engagement than the next best channel, email.

What this Means for Marketers

Posting a Facebook Story is one thing; turning Facebook into a money-making marketing channel is an entirely different one altogether. As advertising competition continues to grow on Facebook, brands must stand out from the crowd in order to survive.

Facebook Messenger for Business provides endless opportunities and massive potential for companies worldwide. Chatbots built with Spectrm can be used on Facebook Messenger to personalize engagement at scale, acquire new customers, and generate valuable customer insights to increase conversions and improve ROI for your business.

Contact us today to take your Facebook marketing strategy to the next level with Messenger chatbots and Click-to-Messenger campaigns.UP 303%


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