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Increasing Confidence and Success in Consumer Marketing by Measuring Everything – Podcast with Aaron Zagha

Aaron Zagha, Chief Marketing Officer at Newton Baby on consumer marketing
Learn more about how to increase confidence and success in consumer marketing by measuring everything.

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In this episode, Ben speaks to Aaron Zagha, Chief Marketing Officer at Newton Baby. In this episode, Aaron shares why marketing teams are perhaps overly pessimistic today, but can increase their optimism if they focus on driving decisions through data and relying on “gold standards” to continue to engage customers.

Topics discussed:

  • The current state of marketing today, and how it’s overly pessimistic — and why it shouldn’t be.
  • What gold standards in marketing you should focus on to weather industry changes — like asking your customers directly why they purchased — and why consistently turning to data will help you make more informed tactical changes.
  • Why Newton Baby doubled down on influencer marketing, and how they use influencers to engage customers and drive sales.
  • Which channels are no longer working, and the pivots Newton Baby had to make to ensure they were spending their marketing budget wisely.
  • How to tackle personalization at scale, and the effort it takes to do it effectively.
  • Advice for marketers who want to improve their efforts, including the importance of learning statistics.
  • What current trends, like generative AI, are creating the future of marketing, and why the future of marketing could go anywhere.
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