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Shifting Influencer Marketing and How to Stay Relevant for a New Social Media Generation – Podcast with Alanna Marder

alanna marder podcast episode shifting influencer marketing
Learn about the new social media generation and shifting influencer marketing from Alanna Marder.

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 More and more new social platforms have been popping up in recent years, outpacing their more established competitors and shifting the nature of how we experience social media and influencer marketing. Digital marketers have to keep up to stay relevant, but that’s becoming ever more challenging. 

On this episode of One-to-One Conversational Marketing, Ben speaks with Alanna Marder, Senior Director of Communications and Influencer Marketing at ColourPop, which is a line of products from Seed Beauty.

Starting out in luxury fashion but feeling drawn to the less well-known brands because of their more agile and responsive market development strategies, Alanna now spends her time dominated by social media, figuring out innovative ways to optimize this ultra-interactive commercial space.

She speaks to us about what most people get wrong about influencer-led marketing strategies, why a traditional google spreadsheet remains her best option for keeping track of a growing client base, and why treating all your users like human beings is the best way to build authenticity for products and content alike.

With community content at the heart of her approach, and a thoroughly engaged online presence, you can be sure to see ColourPop rising higher and faster than ever before in the next few years.

Topics discussed include: 

  • Why working for big name brands might not always be as rewarding as seeking out your own c-d brand partners to  build something special together
  • Why being close to customers and maintaining communications is absolutely critical for contemporary marketing
  • Being a social media native brand, and the advantage that gives ColourPop in initial customer outreach
  • How to manage a whole roster of influence with individual schedules and specific concerns, the power of a simple google spreadsheet
  • How GRIN and Tribe Dynamics became the perfect tech stack for calculating the value of influencers to ColourPop’s brand
  • Treating influencers with respect, and giving them some autonomy in the product promotion choices
  • Giving influencers space to market their authenticity, but doing your homework and investigate who to trust
  • Leveraging community content as the peak of authentic customer promotion
  • Different engagement strategies for Facebook vs. TikTok, investing in conversations
  • Why impressions score highest for ColourPop’s social media sales performance 
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