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Karan Gupta: How to Build CRM That Will Scale Through Unification, Orchestration, and Personalization

Learn more from Karan Gupta, Head of Global CRM, about how you can build CRM that scales and effectively retain customers using messaging channels.

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“A lot of people talk about retention. They talk about focusing on your existing customer base. And that, I think, is going to become more and more critical. Because there’s this cliche that retention is hard, but I can tell you reactivation is harder.” – Karan Gupta, Head of Global CRM at Marley Spoon

Re-engaging customers at the right time can be the right investment, especially in times of tight budgets. CRM channels that have worked in the past, like email, notifications, and SMS, are dropping in performance. But there’s a new CRM channel, with an average of 80% open rates and 35% click-through rates: messaging. As it turns out from our latest report, the State of Social Conversational Commerce in 2023, messaging is also the preferred way customers want to talk to businesses. 

On the latest episode of One to One, we invited Karan Gupta, Head of Global CRM at Marley Spoon to talk about how to effectively move customers along their journey and retain them using relevant and timely channels, as well as how to build a CRM approach thoughtfully and holistically that will scale. 

Topics discussed include: 

  • How CRM is a natural extension of growth, and how marketers can build an engine that retains customers at scale.
  • Why CRM revolves around understanding the most suitable channels for their audience, and having the most relevant timing, personalization, and content all in one.
  • The three pillars around which Marley Spoon develops the customer journey, what approaches and platforms they use to stitch that customer journey together, and how they structure their team to focus on different parts of the customer journey.
  • Why email is still a relevant and viable channel for them, but why marketers also need a mix of channels through which to engage with and retain customers.
  • The challenges to CRM, including managing its complexities around multiple automations, sending too much information, and ensuring channels are talking to one another.
  • Advice for marketers around how to approach their career, and why being a generalist can help you adapt to changing marketing landscapes.
  • What technology is helping manage and enhance the customer journey today, and where the future of consumer marketing is headed.

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