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Why Industry Leaders are Building AI Chatbots to Increase Engagement on Facebook

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By 2022, AI-powered chatbots are expected to reduce business costs by $8 billion. Learn why top brands build bots to increase Facebook engagement.

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Did you know that 85% of global executives believe that AI will help their enterprises gain a competitive advantage? Also, by 2022, AI-powered chatbots are expected to reduce business costs by $8 billion. Companies are continually looking for ways to use AI to assure success and survival in the increasingly competitive business world.

Forward-looking organizations are using AI chatbots to personalize their B2C communications. While there are many platforms where chatbots can be used, Facebook bots are the most common.

Two reasons account for the popularity of Facebook bots.
  1. They can be quickly integrated into existing social marketing campaigns.
  2. The Facebook Messenger platform has 1.3 billion users – in today’s world, people live on messaging apps.
Source: Statista
Although businesses use Messenger bots for numerous reasons, industry leaders are increasingly building AI-powered chatbots to enhance engagement and acquire customers on Facebook. 52% of companies agree that Facebook is the most effective social media platform for customer engagement. Learn how, and why, companies use chatbots for customer engagement with case studies of how industry leaders have used chatbots powered by Spectrm to increase customer engagement and acquisition on Facebook.

Why Use Chatbots for Customer Engagement?

Industry leaders are building chatbots powered with AI to increase engagement on Facebook for numerous reasons, including:

  • They improve ROI — chatbots engage and acquire customers more efficiently than humans at lower cost
  • They help cultivate personal, one to one customer relationships
  • They generate leads and sales at scale
  • They capture declared data in conversation that is fundamental to creating personalized experiences for your customers as well as to build better remarketing and lookalike audience lists for Facebook
  • They increase consumer brand awareness at scale

How Chatbots Increase Engagement on Facebook

So how do you increase engagement on Facebook? While there are many ways that enterprise businesses achieve this, AI-powered chatbots consistently deliver better experiences and results at lower costs. Industry leaders are employing chatbots to increase Facebook engagement because:
  • They can engage customers anytime, anywhere.
  • They provide a personalized experience for visitors, depending on their past interactions and personal preferences.
  • Over 70% of questions on social are pre-purchase. Responding in real-time at moments of high intent help drive sales performance.
  • They offer seamless customer experience and make it easy for users to find products or information. A great buying experience results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Bots are excellent for cross-promoting products and services.
  • They help customers easily find products with guided shopping experiences, which is extremely important for brands with large product catalogues.

Case Studies

Want to see the bots in action? Browse our case studies of how industry-leading brands use AI chatbots, built using Spectrm, to boost engagement on Facebook.
Ford, an American automaker operating in 200 nations across the globe and offering employment opportunities to 166,000 people, wanted to make finding and selecting cars easy for online customers. Ford wanted their customers to have a dealership-like experience online, in order to generate leads and enhance customer acquisition.
To meet these goals, Ford developed a car finding Facebook chatbot for customers to build their dream car and even take it for a virtual test drive. Leveraging Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform, Ford built an audience, increased traffic, and generated leads for new car sales.
Redbull is a leading energy drink in the world, selling approximately 7.5 billion cans annually. The well-known brand sought out to increase user engagement on social media while gathering customer insights for their products and marketing endeavors.
The energy drinks giant turned to Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform for help. With Spectrm, Rebull was able to create a friendly Facebook Messenger bot that gathers customer insights and drives engagement by giving users access to exclusive content. With this chatbot, Redbull boosted user engagement, increased audience size, and captured broad customer insights.
Telekom is a global telecommunications firm, and the biggest provider in Europe based on revenue. The company was interested in improved customer acquisition and was looking for ways to offer personalized customer experiences at scale, improve marketing ROI, and gather customer insights about the brand.

Using Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform, the telecommunications giant built a conversational contract finder bot on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot offers Millennials contracts customized to meet their personal needs, which increases customer engagement while driving conversions. Thanks to Spectrm, Telekom attained a 9x contract conversion lift, 60% conversation completion rate, and 35% CTR to cart landing page.

How Bots Built with Spectrm can Increase Customer Engagement and Build Relationships at Scale

Many people think of chatbots that appear on a company’s homepage to answer visitors’ queries or customer service questions. Such chatbots are reactive and wait for customers to come to them. However, conversational marketing chatbots powered by Spectrm integrate seamlessly with Messenger and are proactive in seeking out customers. They increase customer engagement while helping brands build relationships at scale.

You may be asking why use Facebook chatbots powered by Spectrm? Here’s why:

  • They enable you to optimize your conversational marketing by leveraging in-depth performance analytics and journey tracking unique to the Spectrm platform.
  • They can cut acquisition costs by up to nine times.
  • They can lower cost per app installs on Facebook campaigns. BetterMe, a collection of health and fitness apps, registered a 50% lower cost per app install and 52% impression to install rate lift with Spectrm.
  • They eliminate ad fatigue by personalizing brand experiences. With Spectrm, CoppaFeel, a breast cancer awareness charity, achieved a three-fold ad recall and 30% action intent lift.
  • They boost marketing ROI. Happy Socks registered a 3.3 times return on ad spend and 20% revenue lift thanks to Spectrm.
  • They increase conversions. Research shows that 92% of Facebook brands fail to drive conversions on Messenger. Luckily, your company does not have to be among this number. Browns, a British fashion and luxury goods store, reported a five times higher conversion rate and a 45% increase in average cart value after building a conversational gift finder bot powered by Spectrm.

Bottom Line

AI-powered chatbots are becoming the new norm for businesses that want to compete online. They are the present and future of B2C communication. From big players like Redbull and Telkom to smaller enterprises, marketers are leveraging chatbots to achieve a variety of business goals.
Companies are using chatbots to increase Facebook engagement because they improve ROI, generate sales and leads, and cultivate personal customer relationships. With billions of people using Facebook Messenger, using Facebook chatbots to engage customers makes sense.

Industry leaders choose Spectrm to power their bots because of the platform’s in-depth analytics, the conversational AI’s ability to match more complex queries, the seamless integration for eCommerce, and the ability to create remarketing audiences directly from the Spectrm interface. The bottom line? Spectrm pulls out insights about user engagement for brands to make smarter marketing and business decisions.

Are you ready to take your brand’s Facebook marketing to the next level with an AI-powered chatbot?

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