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How Guided Shopping Chatbots Amplify eCommerce Marketing Efforts & Improve ROI

Guided shopping chatbot for eCommerce example
It is crucial for eCommerce brands to create a smooth shopping experience online. Guided shopping chatbots for eCommerce can transform your business.

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Whether you are a Chief Marketing Officer in an international organization or a CRM manager in a direct-to-consumer (D2C) startup, your primary goal is customer acquisition. You want to get prospects to the buying point as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.

To get your eCommerce brand to stand out from the rest, you have to nurture effective customer interactions and create a smooth shopping experience. A guided shopping eCommerce chatbot can transform your online sales and marketing strategy to maximize your revenues.

An Overview of Chatbots

You may involve external agencies to drive sales, but at what cost do their services come? The main interest for most of them is your media spend, not helping your customers. What if you had an automated tool that accelerates consumers through your marketing funnel and engages them personally throughout their purchase journey?
That’s exactly what a guided shopping chatbot can do. But before we explain how it can boost your eCommerce marketing efforts, let’s first clarify what a chatbot is.
A chatbot is a software tool that combines scripted decision paths with artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with users, responds to queries, and can manage marketing conversationally. It communicates with customers using various user interface elements such as instant messaging, audio, images, videos, menus, and buttons.

Benefits of Guided Shopping Chatbots

Chatbots are evolving every day. They are revolutionizing online shopping by creating better buying experiences for consumers and meeting customers where they already are online. With guided shopping chatbots, eCommerce merchants can create personalized brand experiences that convert new customers at scale.

So how exactly do chatbots amplify marketing and improve ROI?

Guiding New Prospects to Your Products Most Likely to Convert

You have probably linked your social media and other digital channels to your website. That’s great, but it’s not enough. By leading traffic to your site, you are leaving potential customers to browse on their own. They can get distracted and end their session prematurely.

A chatbot can engage users from the moment they show interest in your content and offer a personalized shopping experience right on the channels and apps they spend their time. By guiding shoppers, suggesting products and replying to any questions or comments, a shopping chatbot can enhance customer interactions and use conversation to drive purchases. Additionally, a guided shopping chatbot can reach out to customers in the future for re-engagement.

Better Customer Interactions

According to research, 85% of consumers prefer to communicate with brands via messaging. Sadly, it’s impractical to reach out to every customer by yourself, and even if you can, you can’t engage everyone instantly and leverage the insights from those interactions at scale.

Did you know that more than 50% of American consumers have at some point canceled a purchase due to poor customer experience?

Through the use of AI, eCommerce chatbots can recognize the needs of consumers and initiate personalized conversations. It’s crucial to have a system that can recognize your customer’s unique set of intents and respond relevantly. Additionally, bots can give suggestions about other products that the customer may like, guide users through complex catalogs or inform them when unavailable items are back in stock.

Returning Prospects to the Buying Process

A guided shopping chatbot can boost sales tremendously, but it won’t convert every prospect who interacts with it each time. Not every visitor is ready to buy in the first instance. Others get distracted or lose interest along the way.
An eCommerce chatbot can bring back prospects who abandon carts through personalized messages. It can offer incentives such as discounts to customers who ditch shopping due to price. With Spectrm, brands can also build Facebook remarketing lists based on customer engagement with their Messenger bots.

Building a Next-Generation Chatbot

Spectrm provides marketers with tools to effortlessly create chatbots and analyze how users engage. You can develop an intuitive next-level chatbot that employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) so that it recognizes human language, not commands. The best part? All of this can be done with no coding!

A conversational marketing solution can transform your marketing funnel into a painless, instant conversation with consumers. Unlike many other chatbot platforms, Spectrm gathers insights about customer engagement, enabling you to make smart business and marketing decisions. It can personalize recommendations instantly and convert prospects on the Google Display Network and social platforms at their time of highest purchase intent.

Guided Shopping Chatbot Case Studies

With the help of Spectrm, brands have developed highly intelligent guided shopping bots that have driven remarkable profits and ROI. Here are three examples.

Happy Socks: 3X Return


Happy Socks wanted to understand the needs of their customers to maximize sales during Valentine’s Day.

With a custom chatbot for Messenger, the company helped its customers to find the perfect socks from an assortment of 300 styles. The result was an estimated 3.3. times return on ad spend and a 20% growth in revenue.

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Next: Increased Conversions & Personal Connections

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The clothes and footwear retailing giant wanted personalized connections with consumers to enhance their customers’ shopping experience.

By optimizing their Messenger chatbot with Spectrm’s detailed analytics, Next engaged customers at scale, offered excellent recommendations, and created personal connections with consumers. The company attained more conversions and heightened the shopping experience for its customers.

Daniel Wellington: More Sales & Larger Audience


Daniel Wellington sought after one-on-one interactions with customers to grow their audience, improve customer experience, and boost sales.

A guided shopping chatbot on Messenger, optimized with Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform, did just that. Based on customer responses, it recommended relevant products, drove sales, and increased the company’s audience.
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These successful campaigns employed one-on-one conversations and personalized retargeting messages.

Build Better Chatbots with Spectrm

Our cutting-edge conversational marketing platform helps you to develop a guided shopping chatbot and provides in-depth analytics on performance and user engagement. You can also set conversation goals for users engaging with your bot to measure performance and optimize for conversions.
With artificial intelligence, your chatbot gets smarter over time and will transform your sales funnel into a natural conversation by answering complex customer queries. It will inform your prospects and inspire them to purchase on your eCommerce site.
eCommerce chatbots can take Guided Shopping to a higher level and have been proven to improve ROI. Spectrm can help your business leverage the eCommerce AI chatbot technology.

Ready to take your eCommerce marketing to the next level? BOOK A DEMO.

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