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Incrementality in B2C Digital Marketing: How to Compare Channels for Better Results with Parachute Home’s Kyle Webber

Kyle Webber, Director of Performance Marketing at Parachute Home on incrementality in B2C digital marketing
We spoke with Kyle Webber about how to compare channels in B2C digital marketing to get better results.

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In this episode of The One to One Consumer Marketing Podcast, Ben Gibert, VP of Marketing at Spectrm, speaks with Kyle Webber, Director of Performance Marketing at Parachute Home. They discuss the changing environment of performance marketing, how Parachute uses incrementality testing to compare the effectiveness of different channels, the importance of collaboration between the brand, lifecycle, and performance marketing teams to increase customer LTV, and more! 

Topics discussed:

  • Kyle’s shift from SEO to performance to widen his horizons and understand more than just SEO to be a successful growth marketer
  • How Kyle keeps up with the latest trends and tools to succeed in an always changing landscape
  • Leveraging incrementality to measure the effectiveness of a marketing activity, how it can be used to compare across channels and identify which channels are driving incremental sales
  • How Parachute Home uses geo holdouts to run lift tests and determine the incrementality of different channels
  • The value of post-checkout surveys as a gut check to ensure their results align with their findings
  • What Kyle sees for the future of consumer marketing and why there will be more blurred lines between influencer marketing, brand ambassadors, and creative development
  • Why it’s critical that marketing teams work closely with the brand and lifecycle teams to increase customer lifetime value and make the business more efficient
  • The most important things that have helped Kyle advance as a marketer 

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