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How Big Brands Can Anticipate Customers’ Needs and Meet Them with Personalization – Podcast With Leah Sushelsky

leah sushelsky podcast episode
Learn more about how big companies anticipate customers' needs and meet them with personalization.

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In this episode, Ben speaks to Leah Sushelsky, Director Of Communications and Public Relations at During the episode, they share about the importance of providing a seamless experience for customers, and using technology and data to anticipate customer needs and drive personalization efforts.

Topics discussed:

    • Leah’s history in brand management, and what connecting with customers looks like when in-house with a brand.
    • What the current state of consumer marketing is, and what customers are looking for in a relationship with a brand.
    • How to use user-friendly technology — like AI for virtual try-on and a frame finder quiz — to drive personalization efforts for their customers.
    • How is driving customer acquisition through a variety of channels, including social media, influencers, and their newsletter.
    • Why using data to drive decisions for improved personalization and increased customer engagement is the most exciting trend in marketing today.
    • Advice for consumer marketers on how to anticipate customer needs and integrate personalization techniques to improve engagement.
    • What the future of consumer marketing is, and why it requires both adapting to change and listening to the customer.

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