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VOGUE Drives Traffic & Subscribers with a Facebook Chatbot

VOGUE Germany increases subscribers and drives traffic by giving readers a personalized horoscope reading on Facebook Messenger using Spectrm.

Messaging channel: Facebook Messenger

Language: German

Drives traffic

Grows audience

Gains subscribers


VOGUE is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine brand covering topics like fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway.


Fashion & Apparel


Social messaging

Automate 1:1 conversations at scale on Facebook Messenger.

Retargeting messages

Send personalized retargeting messages that drive action.

Conversation analytics

Optimize your customer journey with step-by-step funnel data.

The Challenge: Connect Personally with Fashion Audiences on Social Media.

Today’s consumers want to connect on a personal level with brands. VOGUE Germany sought out to do just that in order to grow their audience, drive more traffic and increase subscribers to their iconic fashion and lifestyle magazine.

The Solution: a Personalized Horoscope Bot on Facebook Messenger Built with Spectrm

The solution was a horoscope chatbot on Facebook Messenger that provided users with their own personal horoscope reading. With this Facebook chatbot, VOGUE Germany was able to engage customers at scale and build personal connections with their audience using Spectrm.

VOGUE drove traffic and gained subscribers by optimizing their Facebook chatbot with Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform.

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