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How Save the Children Germany boosted donations by 29% with Spectrm on Messenger

“For more than 100 years, the well-being of children has been at the very core of what we do. This also means, involving them in our work. The “Save the Wishes” campaign was successful in helping to make this work visible – and gave a voice to those who are often not heard enough: the children of this world.”

Florian Ertel | Online Fundraising Manager @ Save the Children Germany
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Save the Children Fund is a leading global humanitarian organization founded in the United Kingdom in 1919. The organization aims to improve the lives of children by providing them access to better education, healthcare and economic opportunities. 




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The challenge: boost Save the Children Germany's brand, gain people's trust and raise donations.

One of Save the Children Germany’s many challenges is that their organization is not widely known locally, despite being a well known brand internationally.

To increase brand awareness and trust in its services, the non-profit sought partners who could help them build digital campaigns to share their values and missions. They also needed to reassure people that the funds they acquired will only be used to benefit children and encourage more donations.

Save the Children Germany faced three main challenges:

  1. How to boost brand awareness among a target audience that didn’t know their organization or its mission?
  2. How to gain people’s trust to reassure them that their donations would be well spent?
  3. How to drive more donations in order to fulfill their mission of improving the lives of children around the world?

The solution: an immersive conversational experience with Spectrm on Messenger.

In partnership with Spectrm and Facebook Creative Shop, Save the Children created an automated messaging experience that communicates the brand’s mission and goals in an engaging and interactive way. 

Spectrm powered an automated Messenger flow featuring animated heartfelt stories of three real children talking about their biggest wishes for Christmas. Save the Children Germany provided video documentaries of the children. The team at Facebook Creative Shop then amplified their stories by creating a colorful and inviting experience, where the people in Germany can learn about each child.

The interactive Messenger journey ends in a call-to-action button where interested parties are encouraged to donate. 

Spectrm powered this sophisticated Messenger experience by: 

  • Including different creative formats, such as videos, animations, and other interactive assets directly into a Messenger conversation. 
  • A gamified About section where interested donors can learn more about Save the Children and its founder, as well as, how their funds are used to make a difference in the form of a quiz. 
  • Combining quick replies to guide the experience, and enabling open text responses. Spectrm’s natural language processing solution incorporating AI offered a smooth and totally natural conversational experience that could engage the audience at scale.

Save the Children Germany then ran a series of click-to Messenger ads and click-to Messenger Facebook stories campaigns to promote the automated Messenger flow.

The experience is also featured on Save the Children’s Facebook Business page to drive organic traffic into the Messenger chatbot.

The Results: An increase in campaign awareness with a 29% lift in donations

With Spectrm and Facebook Creative Shop’s expertise and guidance, which were both provided free of charge, Save the Children Germany succeeded in raising awareness of its work and brand. They were able to magnify the children’s stories and educate people on how their donations help beneficiaries. This encouraged participation with, and donation to, the organization. 

A Facebook brand lift study for the campaign that ran from November 24, 2020 to January 31, 2021 found these incredible results: 

  • 29% lift in donations (from people who saw the ad campaign compared to those who did not) 
  • 1.6M people reached 
  • 6.1M impressions
  • 2.6% lift in campaign awareness
  • 3.6% lift in people saying they are likely to donate to Save the Children 

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