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RevolutionRace Guided Shopping Messenger Bot

RevolutionRace helps customers find the perfect gear for their next outdoor adventure with a Facebook Messenger bot built with Spectrm.

Messaging channel: Facebook Messenger

Language: English (UK & US)

Drives Conversions

Improves Shopping Experience

Increases ROI


RevolutionRace is a strictly D2C outdoor clothing brand. They have created a large social following and continue to drive heavy user engagement with their high-quality D2C marketing tactics.


Fashion & Apparel


Social messaging

Automate 1:1 conversations at scale on Facebook Messenger.

Retargeting messages

Send personalized retargeting messages that drive action.

Conversation analytics

Optimize your customer journey with step-by-step funnel data.

The Challenge: Make it Easy for Customers to Find Products in an Extensive Product Catalog

With an extremely large catalogue and a 100% direct-to-consumer business model, RevolutionRace needed to make it easier for customers to find products they like and purchase online. They also needed a solution that could scale for their business growth.

The Solution: A Guided Shopping Bot That Helps Messenger Users Find the Perfect Clothing

RevolutionRace built a guided shopping bot using Spectrm that drives sales by helping customers explore an extensive product catalogue. By guiding users to the perfect gear for their next outdoor adventure with a Facebook Messenger bot, the company is able to improve the customer shopping experience, drive more conversions and improve their ROI.

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