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Renault Acquires Leads for New Electric Vehicle ZOE in Conversational Display Ads

Renault takes consumers on a personalized tour of the benefits of their new electric car model, ZOE, in order to drive qualified leads to their website using Spectrm.

Marketing channel: Conversational Display Ads

Language: French

Thanks to Spectrm and DV360 we have been able to engage with our audience in an innovative way. We have addressed complex concerns the market has regarding electric cars and positioned Renault as a trusted advisor to the consumers.

1m 52s

average engaged conversation time per user


lower cost per conversion vs electric vehicle benchmark


actions generated after conversation


Groupe Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer that produces a range of cars, vans and other transport vehicles. The company has over 183,000 employees in 37 countries.




Conversational Display Ads

Chat with customers in conversational display units.

Conversation analytics

Optimize your customer journey with step-by-step funnel data.

Entrypoint manager

Split-test creative and targeting with different bot entrypoints.

The Challenge: Educate Consumers About New Electric Vehicle Model and Book Test Drives

Renault France wanted to educate potential users about the new ZOE electric car in order to drive new leads to their website to book a test drive.

How could they personalize the guided tour of ZOE’s benefits in order to move customers from awareness to consideration to action at scale?

The Solution: A Conversational Ad That Dynamically Adapts to Customer Preferences

Renault created a conversational ad campaign addressing car buyers preconceptions on electric vehicles and highlighting key features of the new ZOE model.

Using Google DV360, the campaign targeted two different Renault car buyers segments with different creatives. A single Conversational Display Ad unit was used that could dynamically adapt to the needs of both cohorts by using Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform.

The conversational assistant built with Spectrm could adapt to each car buyer preferences in real time in order to personalize product education to drive lead acquisition for the new vehicle.

The Results: 36% Lower Cost Per Conversion Than Comparable Campaigns for Electric Vehicles

For a similar cost to regular display, Renault got uniquely high engagement from in-market buyers at scale. These engaged prospects took multiple actions: in total over  5000 micro-conversions.

Conversational Display Ads proved cost effective with a 36% lower cost per micro-conversion than comparable campaigns promoting electric vehicles.

Declared data on how the audience interacted with information about ZOE, gathered in Spectrm, enabled Renault to get key insights into how people respond to the electric vehicle’s key value props and marketing messages. This informed subsequent iterations of the campaign and overall strategy.

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