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CoppaFeel! gets 3x higher ad recall and a 30% action intent lift with Spectrm

“In terms of the scale and speed of conversion, we’ve never seen a digital tool like it. The Messenger bot we built with Spectrm was so successful Facebook said it was one of their highest ever brand lift campaigns in our sector.”

Sinéad Molloy | Creative & Brand Manager
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ad recall lift


action intent lift


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CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity focused on promoting early cancer detection with regular checks.




Social messaging

Automate 1:1 conversations at scale on Facebook Messenger.

Audience segments

Build meaningful segments with declared data from conversations.

Retargeting messages

Send personalized retargeting messages that drive action.

Conversation analytics

Optimize your customer journey with step-by-step funnel data.

Entrypoint manager

Split-test creative and targeting with different bot entrypoints.


Changing behaviour is hard. Especially when it comes to health habits. Giving people the confidence to follow a breast cancer check-up routine is already difficult in person. For Sinéad, it’s even harder online.

People are looking for reassurance at every step of the way to make sure they’re doing it right. How can she motivate her audience to action at the scale and speed she needs to have a major impact?


Sinéad launched a conversational health assistant – the Boob Bot – on Facebook Messenger with Spectrm that teaches young people to be breast aware and sends regular boob-check reminders.

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