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Tailoring Your CRM Approach: Drive Revenue with Conversational Marketing

Capitalize on the untapped channel of private messaging and can generate more revenue and value from your customer database.

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Embrace a new channel that isn’t over saturated and full of noise, where your customers already spend their time and where few marketers have gone: Direct Messaging



❌ Notifications turned off

❌ Filtered out of email inbox

❌ One-way communication

❌ Random marketing emails

❌ Basic personalization

❌ ≈21% open rate for email

❌≈3% CTR for email

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One to one messaging

✅  Notifications on lock-screens

✅  No spam filters or inbox sorting

✅  Two-way communication

✅  Persistent messaging thread

✅  Meaningful personalization

✅  ≈65% open rate for messages

✅ ≈38% CTR for messages

Beat email marketing performance with recurring notifications for messaging apps

Turn customers into frequent buyers by them opting in for promotional updates, special discounts, or loyalty program updates. With recurring notifications, you’ll keep showing up directly in your customers most used messenger app.

Traditional customer engagement channels are declining in performance, while the pressure to generate more revenue is only increasing. Messaging is the solution.

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64% of consumers prefer to engage with brands through messaging

Stop blasting your customers with more and more emails, and start engaging with them in a way that feels natural. Connect with your customers in a way that is personal, contextual, and more likely to convert.

78% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers messaging.

Improve customer loyalty by providing personalized experiences and proactively engaging with customers. Tailor your offerings to meet your customers’ needs and watch your LTV skyrocket.

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53% of users would prefer to use messaging to receive coupons and personalized offers

Keep users engaged and coming back to your app. By using conversational interfaces, you can create a seamless and personalized experience for your users, continuously bringing them back to a point of conversion

58% of consumers want to use messaging to help them search for items

Guide your users to purchase by creating a messaging experience that dynamically integrates product feeds, with personalized recommendations, in real time.

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Zalando increases ROI from live shopping events and drives re-engagement by sending personal offers.

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what consumers want

Get the insights from our conversational commerce survey of 1000 consumers from around the world .


4x Conversion vs Web

6thStreet helps customers find shoes based on their style and color preferences in a one to one Messenger experience.

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Build Customer LTV

Initiate ongoing messages with customers to build long term relationships that drive faster results.

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