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[Webinar] Introduction to Conversation Design

More and more brands today are realizing the benefits a chatbot can bring to their marketing efforts. A chatbot isn’t just an interactive FAQ, but a dynamic, responsive extension of the brand that, through guided conversations, creates a unique experience for customers seeking answers or products. Above all, chatbots provide the one-to-one interactions at scale that every marketer is looking for.

But how do you design a personable, knowledgeable chatbot who can provide that unique experience to your customers?

In this webinar, Spectrm’s Conversation Designer Esteban Gómez and Adalia Cuesta Bergstrom, Senior Conversational AI Designer at Arktic Business Consulting, talk about how to create chatbot conversations that will engage, delight, and convert your customers.

What you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for creating conversations, including the top things to keep in mind when designing for your customers.
  • Why many companies and industries are prioritizing conversation design today.
  • The importance of including a brand-consistent voice and tone in your chatbot conversations.
  • The best thing you can do to make your chatbot human.
  • How customer service chatbots differ from marketing chatbots, and how companies can get the content correct for either use case.
  • The process for designing a conversational chatbot and how it’s a multi-team effort.
  • And much more!

Meet our speakers

Esteban headshot

Esteban Gómez

Senior Conversation Designer • Spectrm
Adalia headshot

Adalia Cuesta Bergstrom

Senior Conversational AI Designer • Arktic Business Consulting