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[Webinar] How Messenger Enables First Party Data Personalization in a Privacy-First World

Looking for better ways to engage and convert customers in a privacy-first world where you can’t rely on third-party audiences and tracking cookies?

See how you can use Messenger to personalize at scale and retarget customers one to one in this webinar from Spectrm and Facebook.

Watch now on demand.

What you'll learn

  • How to combat signal loss from cookie deprecation and iOS14 updates.
  • Why messaging is how customers increasingly want to engage with brands.
  • How to use Messenger to deliver value in exchange for first party data to deliver personalized experiences and retarget customers one to one.
  • And much more!

Watch the webinar.


ben gibert profile

Ben Gibert
VP of Marketing

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David Cohen
Partner Manager Messaging Platforms

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Thomas Ränke
Head of Biz Dev & Partnerships

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