Design natural conversations

Highsnobiety's chatbot uses Spectrm to engage users in a truly personal way

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Notifications people care about

Bild's chatbot uses Spectrm to send personal updates in interactive messages

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Let your content become an experience

Businessinsider's chatbot uses Spectrm to enhance experiences through artificial intelligence

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Design meaningful Conversations

We built a tool as easy as chat. Define keywords or phrases and appropriate answers in minutes.

Broadcast Content

Messaging is all about being personal. Let your users chose the kind of content they want to be notified about.

AI designed for content

Make the most of your content by giving it to users where and when they want.

Feature by Feature

Start small or go big.  Our platform is made to help you grow, either way.



Drip campaigns

Automatically send a sequence of messages to a user

Automatic distribution

Automize updates and daily digests by using your topic-specific RSS or JSON feeds


Automatic behavioural Segmentation

Segment users by their clicks, inputs and queries to engage more personally


Conversation Builder

Use our user-centric conversational designer to reach unprecedented engagement

Natural Language Processing

Let our Artificial Intelligence understand your users and answer appropriately


Free NLP Upgrades

Access our constantly expanding library of expressions, phrases and questions


Popularity algorithm

We use external data to send users the most relevant and up-to-date content

Content recommendation engine

Let users get content based on their personal relevance, behaviour and context

Long Tail Engagement

Don't end a conversation when your user is engaged - provide contextual content straight from your database.

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