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Omio offers seamless customer experience by automating FAQs on Messenger with Spectrm

“In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it was vital that we reach customers with questions regarding travel quickly and efficiently without overwhelming our customer care team. We were thrilled to partner with Facebook and Spectrm to build, integrate and launch a Messenger-powered digital assistant so that we could help people find answers to their questions fast and hope to continue introducing new features and services.”

Michael Esch | Social Media Manager @ Omio
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of people found answers to their questions with the automated process.


of people who opened Messenger interacted with the conversational assistant.


CTR for people who are directed to a landing page for more information.


Fare aggregator Omio helps travelers find fast, cheap and convenient travel options by train, bus and plane. Omio operates in 35 countries and helps 27 million monthly users find the best travel options for their needs.




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The challenge: get people relevant information without overwhelming the customer care team

Omio’s team was overwhelmed by messages and questions in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic from travelers who needed answers fast. Omio needed to find a way to provide everyone who had a question with quick answers and a great customer experience. Without overwhelming their customer experience team even further.

Omio needed to solve these three challenges:

  • Efficiency – Omio wants to provide customers with a fast, reliable way to get helpful  information.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Omio’s customer service team wants to improve the care experience by automating FAQs to focus on complex requests.
  • Convenience – Customers should be able to have a 24/7 self-service option for FAQs.

The solution: guide travelers to answers quickly and efficiently with Messenger and Spectrm

Omio used Spectrm to turn Messenger into a customer care channel by automating FAQs and sending people to relevant landing pages to handle more complex requests.

The Messenger assistant helped travelers get answers to frequently asked questions instantly, right in Messenger. This relied on Spectrm’s natural language processing technologies and quick replies to guide conversations in Messenger.

The travel company launched their conversational assistant on Messenger at the end of March. The automated experience helped Omio respond to an overwhelming volume of customer messages regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel plans quickly and efficiently. 

Starting with an initial set of FAQs, Omio was also able to review incoming customer messages over time in Spectrm. This allowed them to automate more and more of their customer questions directly on Messenger. As well as deal with more complex queries. This enabled Omio to dynamically adapt to changing circumstances as they learned more about their customers evolving concerns. It gave customers the information they needed right on the same channel they were reaching out on. 

Customers with more complex queries who needed to speak with a live agent were directed to a landing page where they could fill in a contact form and then speak with a member of the customer service team.

By the end of August, Omio decided to scale its conversational assistant by adding new languages and services. The travel fare aggregator worked with Spectrm to include Spanish, Italian, French and German. 

This was built on Spectrm’s domain-specific natural language processing technologies for each different language and enabled Omio to scale great customer experiences on Messenger in multiple languages. They also included new answers to frequently asked questions relating to cancelations and refunds, as well as requests for tickets and travel credits.

The results: automation answers 62% of questions and drives 94% CTR to relevant site content

Since launching its experience on Messenger with Spectrm in March 2020, Omio has provided customers with automated answers to frequently asked questions quickly and efficiently. This provided customers with a great experience on Messenger and reduced the workload on Omio’s customer care team.

The travel company achieved the following results:

  • 62% of people found answers to their questions with the automated process.
  • 76% of people who opened Messenger interacted with the conversational assistant.
  • 94% click-through-rate for people who are directed to a landing page for more information.

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