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Ford's Car Finding Facebook Messenger Bot Generates Leads

Ford helps customers build their dream car and take it for a virtual test drive in this highly interactive buyer journey built using Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform.

Messaging channel: Facebook Messenger

Language: German

Drives Traffic

Builds Audience

Captures Leads


Ford is an American multinational automaker. Their enterprise-level business operates in 200 countries around the world and employs 166,000 people.




Social messaging

Automate 1:1 conversations at scale on Facebook Messenger.

Retargeting messages

Send personalized retargeting messages that drive action.

Conversation analytics

Optimize your customer journey with step-by-step funnel data.

The Challenge: Make Finding and Choosing a Car Easy for Online Customers

Ford wanted to connect with customers in more places than their dealerships, in order to drive more leads and increase their customer acquisition. In order to do that, they needed to bring the experience of the dealership to customers online.

The Solution: A Car Finding Facebook Chatbot that Generates Leads

To meet their goals, Ford built a Facebook Messenger bot that allowed drivers to customize their dream car and take it for a virtual test drive in this interactive buyer journey. Using Spectrm, Ford was able to drive traffic, build their audience and capture leads for new car sales.

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