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Use Cases for Marketers to Monetize an Audience With Google’s Business Messages 

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Learn about the use cases you can use to turn discovery into sales via Google's Business Messages.

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Online shopping starts with a search engine. In fact, 1 billion users are searching on Google, each and every month. That’s a HUGE audience you can potentially engage and monetize. How? 

Launch an AI-powered marketing chatbot on Google Business, and start directing prospects into your bot by using online and offline entry points

Engaging prospects when they are searching in Google is your best shot to turn interest into actual purchase. 

As prospects are already searching for a solution to their problem, they probably have questions about your company, your products or whether you can solve their problem.

And that’s where your conversational Google Business chatbot comes in. Ready to answer their questions 24/7, make personalized recommendations, and guide them through the customer journey, even when you and your company are sleeping. This article will guide you through Google’s Business Messages, its benefits, features and performance metrics to track. 

Below, you can find the top Google’s Business Messages use cases that you can use to drive revenue and create meaningful connections with customers. 

Turn Discovery Into Sales With Guided Shopping Experiences

91% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that provide relevant offers. Why is this? Because it gives them a delightful guided shopping experience without friction. 

Google’s Business Messages enables prospects to easily start a conversation and ask questions about products, services, and content. The best is that you can talk to prospects when they are already searching for a solution on Google. You can guide them from discovering your brand to purchasing. Give them personalized offers based on their individual preferences.

Marketing chatbots via Google’s Business Messages can accelerate customers through the mid to lower stages of your funnel. You can take them from discovery to consideration to purchase in a single conversation by providing them with all the information they need, when they need it the most. 

You can, for example, insert web widgets on your website or use rich snippets like sitelinks to start a conversation and help customers find the exact product based on their budget, needs, and desires. 

If you have a physical store, make sure to leverage featured snippets on Google Maps as an organic entry point. When users search for location-specific queries or your brand, they will be able to start a dialogue with your brand right from Google Maps. 

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Conversion tracking with Google’s Business Messages is done through Floodlight tags. This is an inframe or image tag installed on a conversion page. When a customer lands on the page, the information is sent to Google and conversion data is stored. Marketers can use this to determine what products convert the best and which conversion flows generate the most revenue. Conversations are synchronized across Google’s channels so dialogues keep context if a customer leaves and returns later.

Want to know more about online entry points for marketing chatbots that integrate with Google’s Business Messages? Discover each entry point in this ultimate guide.

Improve Your Search Engine Performance While Converting Prospects

You’ve invested so much into your organic ranking. When prospects search in Google, your website pops up right on the first page. You can take things one step further by using organic entry points to direct users into a Google’s Business Messages conversation, where they can instantly jump into a conversation with you. This is how you kill two birds with one stone. Without spending your budget on digital ads. 

Google’s Business Messages integrates with Google’s organic search to give customers more opportunities to find and engage with your brand. This increases your search engine equity and the return on investment of your SEO strategy. The keywords you rank for organically can now lead to direct conversations that turn into sales.

Rich snippets like answer cards and placesheets give customers more information and ways to contact you. They can click the “Chat” option to instantly start a dialogue with your brand and move towards action. This also makes your business stand out from all of the other search results.

The Google Search Placesheet is the small bar at the bottom of Google Search when someone searches for a specific brand. Use it to enable prospects to start talking to you when finding your brand and seeing a CTA to send a message. Having this available increases the ROI of search marketing as people have one more way of finding and connecting with you.

how to grow your audience with entry points placesheet

Educate Buyers 24/7 With Automated FAQ

Customers always have questions. Especially, when they are in a search engine, actively seeking for a solution to their problem. They will ask you about your product, brand, pricing, and more.

Being able to answer these questions in real time through automation establishes trust and credibility. It also offers a fast, convenient, and smooth customer journey. You can educate prospects about your products and the benefits of buying from you. Answer questions about shipping, returns, and hours.

Answering pre-purchase questions quickly in their moment of need gives them a positive brand experience and the information they need in order to go from consideration to purchase.  

At the same time, engaging customers when they are searching for solutions in Google – probably ready to make a purchase decision –  is your best shot to convert prospects. 

Paid entry points offer an efficient way to make sure prospects can easily connect with your business the moment they discover your products or services in Google. 

You can launch a standalone ad or an ad extension via Google’s Business Messages, allowing customers to start a conversation with your business with one click. Standalone ads are especially powerful as both the headline AND Chat button direct users to a private chat experience in Google’s Business Messages. By using ad extensions, you can insert a ‘send message’ button or chat icon to your ads and enable prospects to easily reach out to you.

how to grow your audience with entry points standalone and ad extension

That’s why you need to automate your FAQs and continuously collect a treasure trove of declared data to truly understand what consumers want. Optimize conversation templates with each conversation to continually improve the accuracy of your responses and drive the actions valuable to your business. 

Don’t make customers wait for an answer. Our conversational marketing automation platform can help you create AI-driven, automated chatbots that provide a frictionless path to purchasing.

Re-engage Customers With Notifications

Did you know that you can re-engage customers with notifications via Google’s Business Messages? What’s even better is that it’s completely free up to 30 days. 

I repeat. It’s possible to re-engage customers for free up to 30 days after they initially message your business. This opens up retargeting opportunities that can be personalized at scale using marketing chatbots.

Google’s Business Messages conversations are also a goldmine of valuable declared data. This is the information customers voluntarily share with businesses in a private conversation. Read this article to learn why declared data is the future of privacy-first customer conversations.

By collecting and acting on declared data, you can map out your customers’ needs and preferences, and discover the topics they’re interested in. Why is this important? Because declared data will help you decide what offers are relevant for your customers when you’re re-engaging them.

Special deal alerts, discount coupons, content digest. These are all re-engagement opportunities, enabling you to retarget customers with offers that are personalized based on their preferences. 

Improve Branding and Create Meaningful Connections

In a time of hyper-communication, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd of competitors. 

Customers will choose brands they have deep connections with. They don’t want to feel like a cog in the wheel. That’s what generic responses and one-to-many advertising creates. But they want to feel appreciated and valued. And you need to make them feel like they’re your only customer. 

Google’s Business Messages improves branding by delivering fun and customized experiences. These experiences are founded on direct one to one communication within a persistent messaging thread. 

You can talk to prospects one to one. React to their messages instantly. Offer relevant products based on your conversation history. This is how you give them what they want. When they want it. 

This builds trust and loyalty. Consumers will come back to shop again. They will tell their friends and family. You will generate positive reviews on Google. 

Eager to learn more? Explore your Google’s Business Messages use case with a product specialist and discover the different marketing use cases Instagram Messaging unlocks with our customer success team. 

We have something for you! Now, that you know the potential of Google's Business Messages, it's time to calculate how many prospects you can reach via messaging.

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