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What Is Google’s Business Messages and How Can It Benefit Your Marketing

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Google's Business Messages is a new mobile channel to reach customers and drive business results at scale.

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Times have changed. Businesses spend $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer service calls each year. Yet, only a small amount of consumers enjoy talking to automated phone support.

Consumers prefer to message businesses on their own terms. When they have a question. When they have a need or desire. 36% of consumers intend to message a business on their phone in the next 12 months. They are more comfortable using private channels versus traditional ones. 

This trend contributed to the launch of Google’s new mobile conversational channel Business Messages. The conversational marketing channel helps businesses provide rich conversations, delightful customer experiences, and drive business results.

Here are more details of Google’s new Business Messages channel and how it can be used to improve marketing performance.

What is Google's Business Messages?

Business Messages is a brand new marketing channel from Google that empowers brands to meet customers where they already are. Customers can message businesses on their own terms when they need help or have questions. Research has proven that engaged customers account for 23% of a company’s profitability, revenue, and relationship growth. Google’s Business Messages help automate one-to-one conversations that create a frictionless path to purchasing.

Messaging can be integrated into a variety of existing channels including local maps search, organic search, and third party websites. Engaging customers at scale on different channels gives marketing the first touchpoint to create revenue-generating brand experiences. Delightful interactions keep customers coming back to your business and driving sales.

Google’s Business Messages enables brands to scale one to one engagement that drive sales, while giving customers the real-time responses they want at their moment of highest intent. For customers who do need to speak to a live agent, brands can also use Business Messages to automatically route customer chats to live calls. It’s win-win. 

Business Messages and automation can reduce the need for live support agents and ensure messaging is on-brand and conversion focused. Live chat agents can handle several conversations at a time instead of a single phone call, potentially generating more revenue and results. Customers receive more information and have direct communication with brands they love. They get personalized recommendations that make purchasing fun and rewarding.

Online messaging experiences like Google’s Business Messages also help marketers collect declared data. This is information explicitly volunteered by consumers that identifies their needs, wants, and desires. Not based on assumptions or guesses. Declared data empowers you to deeply understand your audience. Deliver targeted offers and experiences. Improve other marketing and advertising campaigns.

How brands can benefit from Google's Business Messages

These are four ways companies can leverage Business Messages to build meaningful relationships, drive revenue, and understand customers more deeply.

1. Connect with customers where they already are on Google Maps and Google Search

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81% of consumers say it's difficult to communicate with a business.

Business Messages combines Google Maps, organic search, and brand websites for a seamless conversational experience across all channels. This meets customers where they already are online. Customers regularly browse and shop from different devices. They jump between channels and platforms. 

81% of consumers say it’s difficult to communicate with a business. They are used to one-to-many advertisements which create banner fatigue. They receive messages when they don’t need them. They don’t get information that can inform their purchase journey when they want it. Offers and products that aren’t tailored to their unique needs. This can have a negative impact on customer experience and conversions.

Google’s Business Messages on the other hand helps brands engage customers on their own terms. It offers customers what they want, when they want it. They enjoy connecting with your brand on their own time. Mobile entry points like Google Maps and Search are at their fingertips to get product recommendations, content, and answers when they need it. Not when advertisers decide to put it in front of them.

2. Offer delightful, timely, and personalized conversations

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91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who provide relevant offers.

Business Messages enables businesses to deliver timely and relevant conversations at scale. Answers and recommendations the moment customers need help. Wherever they are. Real-time conversations synchronized across Google’s channels keeps dialogue flowing without losing context if they leave and return later.

Customers get help without friction. They can easily start a conversation with your business and get personalized recommendations. Content, answers, and products that suit their individual needs. That has a big impact on marketing performance. Why? Because 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who provide relevant offers.

Seamless customer experiences with Business Messages build trust, loyalty, and recognition. Consumers will come back in the future to purchase again. Tell their friends and family. Leave positive reviews about your business. Getting in touch with your business to get tailored recommendations and information is at their fingertips.

3. Scale search engine presence in Google with Business Messages

Browsing Google on a smartphone

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. That includes shopping, finding a business, or searching for content. Business Messages integrates with Google’s organic search to enhance people’s experience finding and connecting with you. This has the potential to increase the ROI of your brand’s search marketing. Keywords and content you rank for can now create direct conversations that turn into action.

Rich features like answer cards displayed on the top of SERPs give customers one more way to get in touch with you. Users can click the “Message” option to start a conversation with your business directly. Sitelinks can include an option to connect with a live agent for more information or product suggestions.

4. Drive sales with comprehensive business messaging on Google

Man smiling while messaging business

65% of people are likely to buy from a business that can be messaged.

65% of people are likely to buy from a business that can be messaged. Google’s Business Messages gives brands the tools they need to drive sales and build customer loyalty. Upsell and generate revenue through rich features like carousels, personalized recommendations, and product photos. 

Answer frequently asked questions about products and services to build trust and overcome objections. 

Move customers one step closer to purchasing by guiding them from discovery to conversion. 

Connect them with a live agent when needed to provide more product information. You will be ready to help them whenever they need it and wherever they engage with you.

Wrapping up Google's Business Messages

Consumer behaviour has changed. People shop and browse from several different devices. They are impatient and demand the best digital experiences personalized to their needs. Customers believe engaging with a brand should be fun, instant, and effortless. 

Google’s Business Messages is a new mobile channel that enables marketers to automate this through one-to-one conversations at scale. Customers can get in touch with your business on their schedule when it makes sense for them. Rich messaging experiences through Google Maps, Search, and brand websites that lead customers from discovery to action.

Businesses can leverage Business Messages to meet customers where they are most active. This creates less friction in delivering delightful customer experiences that lead to sales. Tailored product and content recommendations are at their fingertips no matter where they interact with you.

Most online experiences begin with a search engine. Google’s Business Messages will give your brand more power in the SERPs. Enhance organic interactions with rich features like answer cards and sitelinks. Users can message you directly from Google which gives marketing the first touchpoint and leverage to drive conversions.

Delivering amazing one to one chat experiences with Google’s Business Messages requires a conversational marketing platform that makes it easy to design, measure and optimize your chatbot.

Get in touch with one of Spectrm’s conversational marketing experts today and learn how to drive revenue with personalized conversations at scale.

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