72% of consumers will make a purchase online if they can ask questions in real time. They might be curious about your return and refund policies. The most relevant products based on their wants and needs. What they can get with their budget. 

These are questions people need to answer in their moments of need. It’s what influences their purchasing decisions. Instead, they often get one-to-many messages from advertisers. Offers and advertisements that are irrelevant and untimely. This creates ad fatigue and a loss in advertising performance. They also often have to wait for brands to respond to their messages and questions.

However, providing convenient and personalized responses immediately builds trust, loyalty, and ultimately pushes prospects to take action. They have the knowledge. The confidence. The understanding you can provide them with what they are looking for.

This is what sparked the launch of Google Business Messages. It’s a new mobile conversational channel that brands can leverage to provide engaging conversations, drive business growth, and delight customers with wonderful experiences.

While it integrates with and benefits organic search, this article focuses on how Google Business Messages can improve paid search performance.

The importance of paid search and targeting high intent audiences

Paid search is one of the most effective channels for digital advertisers. It allows them to reach hyper-targeted audiences and high intent prospects. Traditional marketing and advertising often reaches people that are at the top of the funnel and are less likely to convert. 

Paid search on channels like Google allows brands to reach consumers that are at the bottom of the funnel and ready to buy. 

Advertisers are predicted to spend $99.22 billion on search annually by 2024 and invest $9,000–$10,000 per month on average into paid ads. 

Google Business Messages create the opportunity to amplify the success and revenue driven by paid search campaigns. This is accomplished through increased touch points, personalization options, and other benefits you’ll be learning in this article.

The impact of 1:1 personalization on post-click experiences

Ad personalization is one of the most powerful tools for digital advertisers. It enables them to hit revenue targets, nurture deep relationships with customers, and generate a higher return on ad spend (ROAS). 

It also builds loyalty and improves customers’ lifetime value through experiences that people remember. Experiences they will tell friends and family about. Or rave about on social media.

In Postclick’s State of Ad Personalization report, it found that 44% of businesses agree personalizing advertising campaigns is important to meeting company objectives. Trailblazers pursuing 1:1 personalization earn an average ROI of 47% compared to brands that don’t personalize online experiences. 

In addition to increasing sales and revenue, they also greatly improve brand loyalty. Only 15% of digital advertisers fall into this category, making it an untapped channel to leverage for a competitive advantage.

What is Google Business Messages?

Google Business Messages is an untapped marketing channel for digital marketers. It provides customers with one-to-one conversations that help them make informed purchase decisions or learn about a brand in real time. It integrates with local maps search, organic search, third-party websites, and today’s focus—paid search.

Customers can message your business on their own terms when they need it. When they have questions or concerns. They can connect with a brand when it’s right for them. In fact, 76% of consumers want to purchase by messaging with businesses.

Watch this video to learn more about how Google Business Messages works, helps customers get what they need, and drives business growth with real-time conversations.

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Google Business Messages connected to marketing chatbots reduces the need for live support agents. Conversations remain on-brand and focused on conversions when aligned with conversational marketing platforms like Spectrm

Marketing chatbots can scale to millions of conversations at once. Support agents don’t have to manage every interaction one phone call at a time. Using messaging, customers receive more information when they need it the most. They get  direct one to one communication with brands they love with less friction.

How Google Business Messages benefits paid search campaigns

These are a few of the powerful benefits your brand can experience by integrating Google Business Messages with paid search.

Increase sales volume by leveraging an untapped advertising channel

Google Business Messages integrates with Google Maps, brand websites, organic search, and paid campaigns for a seamless experience across different channels. This creates more touch points for your brand to reach customers and drive sales. 

65% of people are likely to buy from a brand that can be messaged.

Answer frequently asked questions. Overcome objections. Help them move one step closer to conversion by guiding them to the most relevant product. All in the customer’s moment of need.

Seamlessly connect prospects from your marketing bot to a live agent if they need human support. Be ready to help them whenever and wherever they speak with you.

When a prospect clicks an ad on Google that’s integrated with Google Business Messages, it starts an automated direct line of communication with your brand. You’ll stand out from all the other ads on the search engine results page (SERPs) that don’t offer this experience. 

google business messages retail example on phone

Brands can integrate with Business Messages API using a partner like Spectrm. While the Google My Business app can receive and send messages, it does not offer the scale or insights you need to run paid search campaigns connected to Google Business Messages.

How consumers go from searching online to chatting with your brand on Google Business Messages is called an entry point. It’s how you attract prospects into a Google Business Messages conversation funnel. 

The first entry point is through Placesheet. This is the small bar at the bottom of Google search when someone looks for a specific brand or location. They can instantly start a conversation after searching for the business and seeing a CTA for sending a message.

Advertisers that use partnering platforms like Spectrm can create dedicated ads with Google Business Messages. Connect your search ads to conversational chatbots that educate buyers, qualify leads, and guide them to take action.

Thirdly, there is Google Maps. After a consumer searches for a location-specific query for your brand, they will be able to start a dialogue to get personalized recommendations. Featured snippets on search – like Sitelinks – also display an option to speak with a brand through Google Business Messages. 

Overall, there are many different entry points brands can leverage to make it effortless for anyone to discover your brand on Google and chat in real-time.

Connect seamlessly with customers in moments of need

Customers’ wants, needs, and desires are all unique. What they want and when they want it changes quickly. 

People love to purchase products when it’s convenient. Ask questions before purchasing products. Make purchases when it makes sense for them. 

Google Business Messages allows you to connect with customers in their moments of need. 67% of people would rather message a business than speak with a person. It’s convenient. Fast. Seamless and natural in a world where everybody already prefers to message friends and family.

Personalize messaging experiences to delight customers

Google Business Messages will make your ads stand out from all the one-to-many offers in digital advertising. It enables a degree of 1:1 post-click personalization that even the most advanced landing page builders and personalization strategies can never achieve.

Connect with customers instantly and personally in their times of need with interactive messaging experiences. Delighting customers with personalized answers, product recommendations, and content will build long-lasting relationships that drive bottom line.

Integrating paid search campaigns with Google Business Messages automation benefits every industry from retail to travel and telecom. 

For example, retail brands can use Google Business Messages to offer assisted shopping, book store appointments, and recommend products based on customers’ budgets and needs. 

Travel companies can help prospects make reservations, search inventory, and join loyalty programs based on their travel preferences. 

Personalization drives bottom line business impact that’s hard to ignore. 20% of marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences. 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from businesses that offer these types of experiences and 77% have paid more for them.

The amount of customers more likely to buy from brands that offer personalized experiences.
The amount of customers that have paid personalized experiences.
Average sales increase from delivering personalized experiences.

Re-engage with customers to help them take action

Only 3% of people are ready to buy when they engage with your brand for the first time. Retargeting is essential to any marketing funnel because of this. 

When it comes to retargeting strategies, Google Business Messages opens a direct 1:1 retargeting channel that’s hard to beat. You are able to send personalized follow-up messages directly to individuals. 

Think email, but even more powerful. Why? Because your message opens back up a persistent messaging thread between the customer and your brand. Prospects can pick up the conversation right where they left off, and get all the context they need to drive action. 

1:1 retargeting on Google Business Messages overcomes many of the challenges posed by cookieless browsers and the recent iOS 14 update. It empowers your brand to keep in touch with prospects even after they leave a conversation. You can remind them to check out or provide them with more resources to build trust and drive the action you want.

Spectrm enables you to leverage the first party data you have collected in conversation with your prospects to segment them and automate personalized follow-up messages in Google Business Messages. 

It’s possible to re-engage customers up to 30 days after they have initially messaged your business. This creates re-targeting opportunities to drive more revenue, win back prospects, and scale growth when combined with conversational marketing chatbots. Google Business Messages is an asynchronous chat channel meaning customers can leave and return to the conversation at their convenience.

Collect declared data to improve targeting, messaging, and experiences

When customers engage with your brand through Google Business Messages, they give you valuable direct feedback. Explicit comments about who they are, their budget, and why they’re purchasing. You don’t have to do paid advertising based on assumptions. Guesses. Hunches.

Declared data, or first party data,enables you to deliver personalized offers, improve other advertising campaigns, and deeply understand your audience beyond traditional demographic information like age and location.

Use this information to enrich ad targeting with hyper-focused segments. Move customers through the funnel quicker based on buying intent, interests, and behavior. Isolate each group with specific messages and recommendations.

The bottom line on Google Business Messages and paid search

Google Business Messages is an untapped channel for advertisers to connect with customers in their moments of need. It makes it effortless for your audience to discover your brand, ask questions, and receive personalized product recommendations instantly after clicking your search ad.

Using Google Business Messages will make your business stand out from the competition. Not only does your search ad stand out from the pack with ‘chat now’ icon CTA. Your post-click personalization will reach levels none of your competitors currently offer. You’ll open a direct 1:1 retargeting channel that doesn’t rely on cookies or in-app tracking consent. 

The 1:1 messaging experiences you can provide post search ad click will improve brand loyalty, recognition, and customer lifetime value with experiences they’ll never forget. Reduce acquisition costs, qualify leads, and drive sales in a single conversation flow.

Google Business Messages benefits paid search by empowering brands to engage highly qualified customers with conversational marketing chatbots. Deliver ads to prospects at the bottom of the funnel and the most likely to convert. These high intent users can drive more revenue with less ad spend. Retarget them within 30 days to continue the conversation and remind them to take action.

Don’t make customers wait for answers and help. Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform integrates with Google Business Messages to create chatbots that drive sales and personalization at scale. Schedule a free demo today with one of our conversational marketing experts.

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