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Automate better customer experiences to turn every message from a pain to a gain.

Reduce time to response, increase customer satisfaction and drive conversions by automating your social inbox with AI.

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Scale frictionless experiences on social.
Let chatbots do the work.

70% of incoming messages on social are pre-purchase. Cut back on all the manual effort of replying and make sure customers get exactly what they want, when they want it.  

Show you care.

Let customers engage with your business 24/7 on their own terms.

Build trust.

Instantly respond to customer needs in one to one conversation.

Inspire loyalty.

Segment customers in real time and re-engage them with relevant offers.

Drive transactions.

Dynamically recommend products and services based on preferences.

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Always respond with the right information in the moment that matters most.

Leverage conversational AI to respond to your customer’s unique intents and automate FAQs on the fly. Train your bot to get smarter with every message using proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning methods.

Scale one to one conversations that are sensitive to context and preferences.

Dynamically integrate data sources and product feeds to personalize answers in real-time. Combine the power of context-specific responses with the ability to identify broader customer intents that override guided conversation paths.

spectrm conversation designer
spectrm conversation designer

Seamlessly switch from bot to human.

Integrate your chatbot with handover compliant customer service apps for Facebook Messenger including Sprinklr, Conversocial, Hootsuite, Clarabridge, and Zendesk chat.

Leverage conversational intelligence tools that make every datapoint actionable.

Channel customers into cost-effective messaging apps. Eliminate friction points in your customer journey and identify opportunities to drive sales. Optimize your customer experience and learn more about segments than ever before.

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Launch fast.

Get industry-leading time to market with your dedicated onboarding specialist.

No coding required.

Prototype, launch and optimize your chatbot with no internal engineering resources.

Ready for success.

Maximize your ROI with our experienced conversational success managers.

Trusted by Fortune 100 and disruptors.

Automate your customer experience on social messaging channels with Spectrm.