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Streamline your funnel into a conversational display ad.

The power of conversational marketing meets the reach of display. Move customers from discovery to action in a single ad and reach 90% of internet users in real-time with Spectrm and Google AdLingo.

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Personalize your customer journey at scale.
From discovery to consideration to action.

Connect with your audience on the websites and apps they love. Convert more customers by guiding their journey conversationally. Improve your marketing ROI by offering relevant information in the right context.

1 %
of consumers

are more likely to purchase after a personalized brand experience.

1 %

can be reached through the Google Ads network of sites, apps and exchanges.

1 %
of businesses

reported increase in revenue using advanced personalization.

Accelerate your buyer journey by engaging every customer in one to one conversation.

Instantly create more valuable connections by talking with your customers, not at them. Guide sales, build brand loyalty, inform about products or qualify leads.

Design and optimize your chatbot with Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform and customer success.

Connect with your customers now using Adlingo Ads.

Start having conversations that convert at scale with Spectrm and AdLingo.