Engage every user individually

Introduce your company, products, and services by having real conversations about them at scale

Rapidly develop your NLU

Respond to your users by understanding their intent

Use our built-in Thesaurus to rapidly increase natural language understanding (NLU) without sacrificing brand safety. Broaden your NLU even more by using fuzzy matching and pre-built AI-templates.


Don't just answer, engage!

Take your conversational design to the next level

Conversations don't get started by answering, they get started by offering users to continue the conversation in a specific context. Our conversation builder with Quick-Replies, buttons and contextual natural language processing (NLP) helps you to continue the conversation and engage users further.

One size doesn't fit all

Create segments on the fly to optimise re-engagement

Use behavioural and demographic attributes to re-engage users individually. Send segmented messages to users based on their buying-stage, gender, preferences and much more.


Product Highlights

Here are some of that amazing things our product can do

  • Customer Profiles

  • Marketing automation

  • Emoji understanding

  • Free NLP Upgrades

  • Behavioural segmentation

  • Facebook ad optimisation