Supercharge your introduction

Easily go beyond selling products and position your brand in a new way.

Conversations matter

What stories would you tell, if you could talk to all your customers in person?

We believe in conversation. Our customers design conversations in their bot as they would in the real world. That’s why our conversational management system is focused on helping you rapidly create engaging conversations that go further than provide a simple answer. When your prospect asks a question, why not ask answer with both a helpful answer and a question back? Creating real engagement is key, and Spectrm’s entire platform was designed for you to create it as easily as possible.


Ask like a friend

Capture leads like you never have before

Let's be honest: no one likes signup-forms. That's why capturing lead- and customer-data works so well in bots. Your bot can ask for and save customers data which can immediately and automatically be used to enhance their experience, book a demo or order a sample.

Kill the bounce

Use next generation ads to increase conversion

Make your ads the trigger of a conversation. Dynamic landing pages are good, but conversations can adapt to every single interaction a user makes. Users don't get redirected to an outside URL, but stay on the platform of the ad which decreases bounce and increases conversion.


Product Highlights

Here are some of that amazing things our product can do

  • Conversation Builder

  • Behavioural segmentation

  • Content recommendation engine

  • Conversation map

  • Fuzzy matching NLP

  • Conversion Path Analytics