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How Messaging Helps Overcome iOS 14 and Cookie Deprecation Challenges for Marketers

Discover why messaging reduces dependence on third-party audience data and tracking cookies to achieve marketing ROI.

What Apple’s iOS 14 updates mean for digital advertisers

iOS 14 has fundamentally changed the setup of digital advertising. The operating system update came with privacy updates that change how Apple shares IDFA with businesses.

These updates make it more difficult to collect data, understand users, and retarget audiences. Similar challenges are posed by cookie deprecation in browsers.

What you will learn in this lesson about overcoming iOS 14 challenges with messaging

While iOS 14 has created a host of new digital advertising challenges, this lesson will teach you:

  • How messaging and conversational marketing helps overcome iOS 14 and cookie deprecation.
  • Why exactly this operating system update and other changes to browsers like Google Chrome are creating obstacles for digital advertisers.
  • What’s the impact for advertisers on Facebook.
  • How to take a proactive approach to mitigate the impact of iOS 14 with messaging.
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