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Best Practices: How to Iterate and Optimize Conversation Funnels

Discover how to use chatbot analytics and declared data to optimize conversational marketing performance over time.

How to turn conversational marketing into an always on performance channel

Like any marketing channel, it’s important not to set it and forget it when it comes to marketing chatbots. The strongest performance comes from continuously iterating and optimizing your chatbot experience.

Conversational analytics, conversation goals and declared data are all valuable inputs to optimize your marketing performance. They are the key to unlocking the full value of conversational marketing and maximizing your ROI.

What you will learn about iterating and optimizing conversation funnels

In this lesson of Spectrm’s Academy, you will learn the following about optimizing your marketing chatbot:

  • How to review conversation analytics to optimize your creative.
  • How to A/B test conversations against each other and pick a winner.  
  • Optimization examples from real campaigns that resulted in a 9x conversion lift.
  • How to improve your retargeting using push notifications.
  • How to train your conversational AI to offer great customer experiences and maximize your conversion rate.
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