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Messaging Channels: Google Business Messages

How to convert searchers into customers by connecting in moments of need with Google’s Business Messages.

Leveraging Google's Business Messages across the customer lifecycle

53% of customers are more likely to shop with businesses they can message. This is one of the reasons Google launched its Google Business Messages channel.

It helps brands and consumers connect on Google through different entry points to have engaging conversations. Understanding how to use Google Business Messages in your conversational marketing strategy will help grow sales and build customer relationships.

What you will learn in this lesson about Google Business Messages

In this lesson of Spectrm’s Conversational Marketing Academy, you will learn:

  • What Google Business Messages is and why you should use it as a conversational marketing channel.
  • Why consumers demand conversations with their favorite brands before purchasing.
  • How to get started with Spectrm’s conversational marketing automation platform and Google Business Messages.
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